President’s Message


President’s message June 19, 2020

I hope this message finds everyone in good health and staying safe.  The covid19 pandemic has changed our camera club immensely but be assured that the SBCC Board is working to try to make the transition go smoothly.  There have been some critical changes.

First, we have started having general and board meetings on Zoom.  Our next general meeting will be this Monday, June 22 at 7P.M.  You should have already received a Zoom invitation to that meeting.  If you have not, please let Don Sandersfeld know at  The presenters  on Monday will be Dennis Keeley and Veronica Cotter.  Dennis is the chair of the Photography and Imaging Department at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and Veronica is the Education Development and Western Region Manager for Hahnemuhle Fine Art USA.  The title of the meeting on Monday will be “We make photographs about our lives, not about our cameras…”

Normally the SBCC is dark in July.  However, since we are not meeting at the airport, the board felt that, for the sake of continuity, we should have meetings in July.  So we are scheduling 2 meetings:  one on the 13th and one on the 27th, the 2nd and 4th Mondays of July.  Those would be normal meeting days if we were meeting at the airport in July.  One meeting will be a digital image critique and one is to be determined.  More information will be supplied as things get arranged.

The nominating committee has presented its slate of candidates for the four board positions.  They are Margarette  Pinto for treasurer, Jerry Fleury for secretary, Mark Lidikay for vice-president and Harry Korn for president.  None of the positions is contested.  Therefore a formal  election didn’t seem necessary.  I will announce the four volunteers for the positions on Monday night and we can have a vote of acclamation at the beginning of the meeting. 

For various reasons Mike Calabrese and Chuck Greenwood have decided not to run for the positons of secretary and treasurer.  I totally understand that and empathize with their decision.  10 years to be secretary and treasurer is a long time and anyone would need a break.  So thank you Mike and Chuck for the years of excellent service you have given to the club. 

In addition to the elected positions there are some committee chair changes.  Peggy Nugent has retired as chair of programs after 5 years of arranging excellent programs for the club.  Peggy, we thank you very much for all the hard work and dedication you put in over the years.  Don Stouder has graciously volunteered to take over the task of arranging programs.  Thank you Don.  Don has also agreed to chair a new committee during the covid19 pandemic:  arranging the Zoom meetings for the club.

One other change involves the digital and print image chair.    Mike and Chuck have decided not to chair that anymore as well.  Once again, thank you Mike and Chuck for the superior job you did.  Sergio Fernandez has agreed to take over the duties of that chair.  Thank you so much Sergio for agreeing to take that on.

That’s about it for now.  See you at the meeting on Monday.



General Message from our President:

Welcome to the South Bay Camera Club (SBCC). The SBCC is a non-profit organization for people interested in photography. If you are already a member I’m glad you’re with us. If you aren’t a member and found our website, I urge you to come to one of our meetings and I hope you will decide to join the club. We meet twice a month on Mondays at 7 P.M. at the Torrance Airport Administration building meeting room. You can find information on specific meetings on the home page of our website

The purpose of the SBCC is to share our love of photography, to continually improve our photographic skills, and, above all, to have fun taking pictures. The club consists of photographers of all levels from the beginner to the more advanced to the professional. We all get along and share our ideas and pictures. My belief is that everyone, no matter what level, has something to learn and to share and can improve his or her skills. That is the core of the club’s philosophy.

To that end we have many different types of programs including digital and print critiques, photo shooting trips, banquets and more. Some activities, like the critiques, are ongoing throughout the year. Others, like specific subject workshops, are offered as they are organized.

Membership is only $50 per year. Membership includes two meetings per month, (except Dec. and June), digital and print workshops many months, field trips, and two annual banquets (banquet costs not included). Join us soon!

You can view the membership application HERE.

Again, if you are not a member yet, please come to a meeting and join the fun. If you have any questions about the club please email me at

I’m looking forward to a great year.

Harry Korn
South Bay Camera Club